Resilience Engine

A hard-working, innovative platform designed by McAllister & Craig, RE organizes and mobilizes information for high-confidence, fact-based resilience roadmaps. 

Uncover the powerful insights hidden in your data.

Being buried in mountains of polls, surveys, and one-off reports leaves you stuck without a clear path forward. We’re making it easy to compile and clarify information for a detailed picture of your disaster resilience. Resilience Engine brings clarity — delivering data-powered insight to disaster management.

Resilience Engine allows you to:

  • Complete new assessments for accurate, up-to-date information. 
  • Revive, visualize, and integrate dormant data for a detailed overview.
  • Highlight and fill critical gaps for targeted investments. 
  • Support and validate choices with facts instead of opinions. 
  • Define metrics to track progress and securely share successes.

Twenty years of disaster-risk reduction channelled into one innovative platform.

We’ve worked alongside decision-makers to reduce risk and improve recovery in over 30 countries. Leaders worldwide face the same struggles. They need fact-based solutions but lack the tools to access critical information. Resilience Engine unlocks those powerful insights, so you can move forward with facts and confidently build disaster resilience.

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How it works

From disorganized and fragmented to clear and complete. 

Complete any assessment, anywhere. 

A lack of data causes roadblocks and delays decisions. RE offers reliable, repeatable reports with a mobile-friendly interface, so no matter where you are, you can move forward with facts.

Make data-driven decisions. 

Traditional approaches to data management require complex tools and technical experts. RE delivers trusted, objective results at a fraction of the cost for decisions based on current facts, not dormant data.

Easily compare information and highlight gaps. 

Data integrations and comparisons are challenging when information is delivered in differing formats. RE gives intuitive visual comparisons to pinpoint critical gaps and weigh results against global standards.

Revive dormant data.

Outdated, fragmented information paints only part of the picture. RE allows you to mobilize dormant data and run scenarios to predict success for a comprehensive resilience overview.

Validate decisions and track progress. 

Decision makers face increased accountability to state the WHY behind their choices. RE lets you set goals, track progress, and generate solutions for confident, targeted resilience investments.

Securely share information. 

Leaked information is unacceptable. RE enables your complete control over data and reports at the touch of a button while exceeding expectations for information protection.

Build tomorrow’s resilience, today.

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Confidently build data-powered disaster resilience.

Resilience Engine helps leaders and decision-makers depict where they stand — for capital and program strategies based on facts instead of opinions. Because confident data-driven disaster management saves lives, protects property, and secures economies.

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