Where we work

A quick look at the company and where our team has worked.

Tomorrow’s Resilience, Today

With offices in Canada and the Caribbean, and an interdisciplinary team of associates located all over the world, we embody the new professional paradigm of effective disaster resilience. We stand out from the field by providing international disaster and emergency management expertise while strengthening our clients’ capacity to ‘do it themselves’.

McAllister & Craig Disaster Management blends international disaster management best practice with cross-sectoral innovation. We design and implement projects and programs in robust economies, emerging markets, urban centers and fragile states.

Around the world and here at home, we’re building Tomorrow’s Resilience, Today™.

The global experience of our team

Our team has global experience and expertise in all aspects of disaster and emergency management.

Provided emergency response and recovery support in active conflict zones and aided development of national emergency plans for the health sector.

Delivered first responder training in emergency medical interventions.

Completed a national assessment of emergency preparedness and response capacity focused on firefighting and technical rescue service innovation.

Developed technical rescue and structural firefighting capacity with local and national government.

Worked with national and district government to improve national search-and-rescue capability and establish a national emergency operations centre.

Supported the Bolivian government with technical advice for improving wildfire response capacity.

Established remote first responder training base.

Established a continent-leading approach to wildfire mitigation and risk-sensitive land use planning. Designed and implemented emergency management programs including plans, emergency response operations, business continuity, and comprehensive program assessments.

Advised private sector on rapid deployment housing strategies and disaster coordination infrastructure.

Guided a regional emergency preparedness and response capacity assessment project that included regional emergency coordination agencies and national agencies from five countries.

Delivered quality assurance and technical support for post conflict electoral exercise.

Established remote first responder training base.

Managed disaster relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

Completed a resilience assessment for national and regional capital cities, followed with strategic advice and technical guidance.

Establishment of the multi-ethnic police training academy.

Led a national assessment of emergency preparedness and response capacity.

Delivered first responder training in emergency medical interventions.

Supported state and municipal disaster response interoperability improvements.

Conducted humanitarian needs assessments in active conflict zones.

Designed and delivered a workshop on strategic investment in disaster preparedness for five developing nations.

Delivered comprehensive emergency medical training of physicians, nurses and medics in low-resource areas.

Supported post conflict resilient development of civil society and institutions.

Led emergency response to significant human disease outbreaks.

Delivered emergency response planning workshop and exercise for Malaysian government and large dam owners.

Completed a resilient infrastructure assessment for the Ayeyarwady Delta region and an urban resilience assessment for the city of Pathein.

Completed a systemic review of preparedness and response capacity for the national government following the 2015 Gorkha earthquake.

Led the establishment of the multi-ethnic police training academy.

Management of widespread flood and earthquake response and recovery.

Assessed and advised on national and local response capacity strategies.

Led disaster recovery and needs assessments for the health sector.

Led technical advisory on COVID-19 adaptive guidance for ongoing national resilience projects.

Co-led design and delivery of a national lessons learned exercise using recent regional flooding disasters as focusing events.

Designed municipal fire and rescue capacity study for fire service modernization.

Developed and delivered a national interagency workshop on international disaster data sharing methodologies.

(Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina) – Provided project monitoring and evaluation for a regional emergency preparedness and response capacity assessment project involving six nations.